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" We turned our dance lessons into a dinner and dancing date! It became a welcomed weekly escape from our hectic wedding planning." Cindy Rich, Newlywed and Assistant Editor of Washingtonian Magazine "

August 2009 Newsletter

Dance Tip: An Officer and a Gentleman

While appropriate for military wedding ceremonies and formal photos, the official military saber or sword will not be an asset on the dance floor. Your dancing movements will cause the sword to sway back and forth uncomfortably and unpredictably. Perhaps a good solution is to have the Groom ceremonially present the sword to the Best Man to hold for the first dance and then he can return it in kind immediately afterwards.



Wedding Dance Workshop
Sample a variety of slow dances perfect for love songs to see which style you prefer. Develop your individual composure as a dancer by learning foundation techniques. Learn the fundamentals of partner dancing. Get acquainted with dancing before committing to private lessons. Is your wedding isn't for a while and you haven't chosen a special song yet, this is the perfect way to get your feet wet! Meet other engaged couples in the area! Maximize your investment in private lessons by getting a head start with this comprehensive workshop. Dance with your partner the whole time - no partner switching.

Location: Alexandria, VA
Date: Sunday, August 23, 2009
Time: 2- 3:15pm
Price: Only $25 per person!

Location: Towson, MD
Date: Sunday, August 30
Time: 10am - 11:15am
Price: Only $25 per person!

Location: Columbia, MD
Date: Sunday, Sept 13, 2009
Time: 4:00-5:15pm
Price: Only $25 per person!

To register call us at 703.626.7016, email us at or fill out the contact form and we will be happy to assist you!

Bridal Registry Available!

Do you already have a house full of stuff and can't think of what to register for? How about the gift of dance and romance? Giving the gift of dance is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Since social dancing enriches lives and relationships it is a thoughtful and elegant gift to give to a newly engaged couple. Gift certificates are also available for any of our a la carte lessons, Wedding Packages or Other Packages. Purchasing the gift certificate can be handled online or over the phone at (703) 626-7016. We will gladly snail mail or email the gift certificate to you or whomever you designate as the recipient.

Wedding Planning Tip: Special Touches That Reflect Your Unique Style!

Every wedding has its basic components, but personal touches and creative twists on anything from guest favors to play lists can impart your unique stamp on your special day. Here are some ways you can elegantly express your personal style while ensuring the magic lasts in your guests memories well beyond the wedding day!

1. Many brides are given beautiful family heirloom jewelry to wear on their wedding day, but if you are presented with a vintage pendant and are wearing a modern gown, sometimes it is not the perfect match. You can have the jewelry incorporated in your hairstyle to give you a glamorous romantic look.

2. Identical centerpieces can sometimes give your reception the look of a banquet, but if you put a variety of styles of flowers in the same color at different tables, the look will be polished and elegant. For instance you could put white roses at one table, set the next with calla lilies and a third with gardenias; also having arrangements of different heights or in unusual containers can be beautiful.  

3. Honoring your ethnic heritage through music is another wonderful way to personalize the day. You could have a band of violinist pay tribute to both families' heritages by playing ethnic music or hiring ethnic style dancers!

4. Personalize your wedding program to include explanations of ethnic or religious traditions that will be incorporated into your ceremony. You might consider including special acknowledgements or commentary beside the names of each person in your wedding party.

At our wedding, we wanted to share our love of adventure with our guests and encourage them to share their travel experiences with eachother so we dedicated each table to a different place we had vacationed together and created "ice breaker" topic cards mentioning highlights of our trip next to each seat. Also at each seat, we placed a cd of all of the meaningful songs that were played throughout the wedding night at key moments such as; our ceremony music, our first dance song, the Honors Dance Songs, Cake cutting music, etc...

Your extra touches are what make celebrations truly memorable!

Featured Dance Style: Polka

Polka is a terrifically lively and playful partner dance. It is danced around the room in a series of small and fast chasses (side steps) with a distinctive hop. It can be danced linearly or by turning about 360 degrees every 4 beats. The polka was introduced in England in the mid 1800's. When it came to the USA it was taken up by the country western set and is still danced in Country Competitions today. The western style Polka is danced with less turning, with very little hopping and somewhat resembles the two-step in its execution with a lot of turns for the woman. After WW2, American/Polish immigrants adopted the more European variant as their “cultural” dance and it is not uncommon to see it danced by young and old at Polish weddings today. The Polka was standard fare on the Lawrence Welk Show. Most people will remember it as the dance Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner did swirling around the ballroom in "The King and I".

Date Night

Dancing is symbolic of love and unity and a celebration of life. That is why watching world renound dancers is so inspiring and romantic. We encourage you to take advantage of the limitless opportunities and venues to appreciate the art of dance at it's finest! The D.C. metro area dance world is your oyster! Escape from wedding planning stress and enjoy a romantic date night while learning about the exciting world of dance! It's time to hit the town!

1504 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Details: If you haven't been to Casablanca you're in for a treat. The food there is sumptuous and the entertainment hypnotic plus lots of general dancing for everyone into the wee hours of the night! Twelve private alcoves bordering Casablanca's dramatic dining room offer private, pillow seating for three couples, or ultimate lounging space for just the two of you.
nightly 8pm bellydancing, Saturdays - 10:30 live band

Strathmore Theatre
Ballroom With a Twist
Bethesda, MD
From Dancing With the Stars champion Louis van Amstel comes this dazzling new stage production that features dancers from So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars and High School Musical. Order now for a spectacular evening of entertainment for the whole family, highlighted by stunning costumes, magnificent music and breathtaking performances.
November 20 and 21, 2009 at 8pm

Wedding Movie Review:  I Love You Man

In this bromance, Paul Rudd plays a recently engaged guy who's got the bride-to-be of his dreams but lacks an all importat significant other when it comes to therir pending nuptials: a best man. On a determined hunt for a stranger who whill stand up for him, he eventually meets a candidate (Jason Segel) with wedding-party potential.

Vendor Special Offers

We pre-screen and negotiate with wedding vendors on your behalf to make your wedding planning easier!

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Dance Bloopers

Whoa! Get a room!

Wedding Etiquette: Military Weddings - The Sword Arch

Military weddings are distinguished from most other types of weddings by the formal uniforms worn by the bride and/or groom and by the special traditions that are woven into the ceremony and reception to make the day special.

1. Decide if you want to get married in a military chapel, at a military academy or in your own civilian place of worship.

2. Determine the types of uniforms the groom and members of the wedding party who are in the service will wear. Then, include "Full dress uniform invited" on your invitations to indicate that guests are welcome to come in uniform. Have men in uniform wear their military decorations instead of boutonnieres.

3. Sword/Saber: Check with the officiating clergy to see if the sword or saber may be worn inside of the sanctuary. Some clergy do not allow weapons of any sort. If posession of this ceremonial weaponry are permitted inside the building, keep in mind one should never draw the sword or saber inside the sanctuary as it is a place of worship. The sword/saber is often used to cut the wedding cake. If the reception is on the grounds of any religious establishment, be sure to check with the clergy before unsheathing the weapon.

4. The Sword Arch: Ask honor guards to form an archway with swords or sabers outside the ceremony location for the wedding couple to walk through on their way out. This symbolizes safe passage into married life. Again, check with your clergy if you wish to perform the sword arch outside the property keeping in mind that some clergy may not allow drawn swords on the grounds since it is a place of worship and may prefer it to be done at a reception site. Also inquire as to whether the foyer would be an acceptable alternative to an outside sword arch in the event of inclement weather

Tradition dictates that as the bride and groom pass through the arch, the last two bearers drop their sabers or swords, forming a cross to block the path of the couple. The groom then kisses his bride. The crossed swords are raised for the couple to pass through. The bearer on the bride's side, as she passes by, gently swats the bride on the back side and says "Welcome to the Army, Ma'am." Keep in mind that a male soldier should always escort his bride on his left arm when given a choice, allowing his right hand to remain free to render salutes.

The playful and welcoming "sword swat" initiation is one questionable tradition that some may view as diametrically opposed to the purpose of the wedding … to honor the bride. Certainly, keep this in mind as you plan your sword arch. Consider whether the "sword swat" fits the desired purpose of your wedding. At the very least, we recommend that the bride be warned so she can expect it, so that she is not caught unaware and thereby embarrassed.

4. Consider using small American flags or other military symbols as decoration at the reception.