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January Newsletter

" We turned our dance lessons into a dinner and dancing date! It became a welcomed weekly escape from our hectic wedding planning." Cindy Rich, Newlywed and Assistant Editor of Washingtonian Magazine "

January 2005 Newsletter

Dance Tip:

Formal wedding shoes are notoriously uncomfortable. The ideal solution is to purchase formal wedding ballroom dance shoes from a ballroom dance catalog or online. In addition to being generally more comfortable and softer than street shoes, these shoes have suede on the bottom to provide traction and slickness simultaneously. Elegant nude colored and dyeable white satin are available for women and sometimes offer adjustable width options. Black patent leather are more comfortable than typical tuxedo rental shoes for men. The arches of all ballroom shoes are supported with a steel shank and the soles are pliable and bendable to minimize sore feet and maximize your balance during dancing. Here are a few tricks to ease your discomfort:

1) For slippery leather soles, scuff the bottoms on cement.
2) Use Dr. Scholl's "moles skin" pads wherever blisters may develop (Achilles’ heel, bunion, knuckles)
3) Use “moles skin pads”  to make a loose shoe fit more snugly. (example: Low on heel for loose heels)
4) If you select shoes that do not hold your ankle in place with a strap like Mules, sling backs, or pumps you can use a nude or white colored elastic band or rubber strap to slip over your shoe and arch to hold the shoe securely on your foot. You can make these straps or order them from ballroom dance shoe catalogs or online.
5) To manage sore feet, bring a second pair of shoes with a different size heel, either higher or lower. Wedding sneakers or slippers are a comfortable alternative and a new trend.
6) If there is room in your shoes for padded inserts, wear them. Avoid the liquid gels as they may leak ink and damage your shoes and dress.
7) If your feet hurt at the end of the night, rinse them alternately with cool water then warm water, while massaging them. You can also rub a mentholated or peppermint foot cream on them to increase blood circulation.

Wedding Planning Tip: Save Money on Gourmet Cakes

Deborah Joy, Newlywed and Founder of The Wedding Dance Specialists suggests:

If you are having a hard time deciding which flavor you'd like your cake to be, why not have different flavors on each layer. Often times this doesn't add much to the cost of the cake and allows for a variety of preferences. My cake flavors were Tiramisu, Lemon mousse and Apricot mousse. A great way to save money and still have a formal wedding cake is to order a smaller version of the cake have a sheet cake cut in the kitchen for the rest of your guests. The three bakeries that I recommend because they use all natural ingredients, have a superb reputation and yummy cakes are; Alexandria Pastry Shop, Cake Love and Something Extra Cakery.

Randi Goldberg, Owner & Pastry Chef of Something Extra Cakery suggests:

Weddings are made up of many traditions. One of those traditions is the cutting of the wedding cake. The wedding cake is not just dessert, it is the centerpiece of the wedding. It should reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. It should be a memorable end to a perfect day. It should be as delicious as it is beautiful.

Wedding cakes come in all different styles, shapes, colors and flavors. Look for an artistic pastry chef who can make your ideas a realtity. Cakes are typically covered in 2 ways; Buttercream or Fondant. Buttercream is the more traditional method and is applied with a spatula. It is also less expensive than fondant. Fondant is great for an elegant and artistic look. Fondant is a sugar paste that is rolled out usually by hand and draped over any shape cake. It has a perfectly smooth porcilane finish with soft rounded edges. It is more expensive, but your cake will truely be the centerpiece of your wedding.

I prefer to use all natural ingredients in all my wedding cakes. Fresh ingredients contribute to a better texture, taste and are more moist than cakes made from a pre-made mix. A cake made from scratch can freeze just as well as one with preservatives. Another benefit of “scratch” cakes is more flexibility and option for flavors, fillings and ingredients such as fresh fruit or the best chocolate.

Featured Dance Style: Fox Trot

Although often associated with the style of Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, the Foxtrot was actually introduced into the mainstream by Harry Fox in 1913. Foxtrot is a "Ballroom" or Smooth dance, traveling around the line of dance (the perimeter of the room in a counterclockwise direction). Foxtrot is a lot like walking or strolling. Musically it is very easy to hear the Foxtrot rhythm. Foxtrot is an extremely useful dan ce socially and can be danced to a variety of jazzy musical styles. American Style Foxtrot has a fun "theatrical" quality because the couples can open up to allow for spinning the women. Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly both used the long, smooth movements of Foxtrot to cover a lot of ground gracefully in their routines. The basic beginner rhythm of Foxtrot is Slow-Slow-Quick-Quick. Higher level is often danced Slow-Quick-Quick.

Song samples:

"A Wink and a Smile" by Harry Connick, Jr.
"L.O.V.E." by Nat King Cole
"Fly me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra
"World On A String" by Peggy Lee.

Galas, Performances and Competitions

There are so many opportunities and venues to enjoy your dancing skills! The D.C. metro area danceworld is your oyster! Whether you're in the mood to just soak in the atmosphere, meet up with friends, practice your new moves or escape wedding planning stess and enjoy a romantic date night, it's time to hit the town!

Swizzle – 1930’s Big Band Supper Club, Doc Scantlin and his Imprial Palms Orchestra
Event Details: Enjoy a magical evening of dining, dancing and romancking…a glamorous supper club and show.
Date: December 16 &23, January 6,  plus more dates in 2005
Reservations: 202. 397. SEAT,
More details:
Location: Ronald Reagan Building, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 2000

Event Details: If you like Cirque de Soleil, you will like this show.
Date: Friday, January 28, 2005
Time: 8pm
Reservations:, 800-955-5566
Location: George Mason University Concert Hall

Vendor Special Offers

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Movie Review - "The Tango Lesson"

Written, directed and starring Sally Potter, The Tango Lesson is the story of a filmmaker  dissatisfied with her latest screenplay. While seeking inspiration, she stumbles upon the Tango and the Argentine dancer Pablo Veron in Paris. Fascinated by both, she places herself under Pablo’s tuteledge – striking a deal - if Pablo will make her a tango dancer, she will let him star in her next film. Although lengthy in duration, this film features exquisite and memorable tango scenes!

Romantic Quote

"Where love is concerned, too much is not even enough."
– Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais (1732-1799) French Playwright

Dance Bloopers!
These are NOT our students!
We promise you will never look like this! We GUARANTEE that you will look and feel more elegant after ONE lesson with us than if you just try to "wing it". There are no "accidents" in dancing. Every mistake can be corrected or prevented using a specific technique. Dancing is a science made to look like an art!


Wedding Etiquette: Wedding Gift Registry

Reprinted in part from Emily Post: How do your guests find out where you are registered? The old fashioned way -- word of mouth. Traditionally the practice of including lists of gift registries along with wedding invitations is considered inappropriate and is discouraged. When guests call to congratulate the couple, they can ask for this information or contact their mothers or the Maid of Honor. (Recently, couples set up wedding websites with customized information and details about themselves, their relationship and their wedding, this is an informal way to convey gift registry information as well.) Enjoy the process of building your nest !

The following are tips for registering for gifts:

  • Consider your needs both presently and in the future.
  • Register as soon as possible and certainly before invitations are sent.
  • Register for items in a variety of price ranges.
  • Register in national chain stores.
  • Don’t register for the same things at different stores.
  • Don’t insist that guests use the registry. Sometimes carefully chosen surprises are the most favorite gifts of all!