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September 2008 Newsletter

Dance Floor Etiquette: Dancing with Novices at Your Wedding

Dancing with your guests is not only polite but a great way to spend some time with each of them. Once you learn the basics you will feel more confident and excited about dancing with your guests who may have gone to great trouble and expense for the privilege of sharing in your special day. And after all, you have the rest of your life to dance in the arms of your spouse! Therefore, the bride and groom and distinguished enterouge should involve the other guests by inviting them to dance during general dancing. The following points should be kept in mind:

  • Requests to dance are generally very rarely turned down. If you must decline a dance invitation, then suggest that you dance the next song or next dance of the same type with the asker. If you don't provide a reason for declining a request, you may reduce the chances that the person will ask you to dance again as the asker may feel offended.

  • Generally men are expected to invite women to dance especially since men are the Leaders on the dance floor. However, it is acceptable for a woman to invite a man to dance.
  • If you decline someone's dance request then you should sit out the whole dance or provide an acceptable reason why you selected a different partner for that song if you want to remain on good terms with that person. It is considered extremely rude to decline one person's request to dance and then accept a request from someone else for that same dance (same song). The first person will likely take your decline as a personal insult. Doing this could put you on that person's "don't ask" list.
  • Enjoy yourself and have a positive attitude when engaging with your dance partner. Apologizing to your partner for every mistake you make is unnecessary -- especially since it's likely that your partner may not have even noticed it. Just improvise and have fun!
  • You don't need a big repertoire of fancy steps to be an enjoyable dance partner. Doing a few simple steps well can be better than doing a lot of fancy steps poorly.
  • Acceptable reasons for a declining an invitation include; you have already promised the dance to someone else, your resting, you don't know how to dance that particular style. Ofcourse, if the asker has previously physically hurt you while dancing do not feel you are obligated by etiquette to accept the invitation.

Planning Tip: Tips for hiring a DJ Part 1 – by Jake Ritchie, Owner of Dream Day DJ’s

One of the biggest mistakes when choosing a DJ has always been couples who do not research who they are hiring. The DJ business has no preset laws, regulations, or guidelines, so you have to see the past & current “track record” of the DJ/Entertainment you wish to pursue. A vast majority of us do abide by a code of ethics to run our businesses, but you still need to research your talent. Here are some tips to help you better understand how to hire the right DJ for your wedding.

  • REFERENCES: Ask for letters, testimonials, vendor endorsements, and at least 3 referrals preferably from the most recent weddings performed. You can also see testimonials on DJs websites and on selected online wedding directories that you may surf (,, etc.).
  • FIRST IMPRESSION: Naturally, you will want to speak with your prospective DJ first over the telephone (unless you’re at a bridal show). How clear is his/her speech? Can they answer your questions to the point and with know how? In my company, I MEET ALL of my bride & grooms before they sign a contract with me. This gives them the opportunity to get on a personal level with me and get comfortable.
  • ASSOCIATIONS: DJ’s who truly care about their businesses will get involved with their industry. Because there are no set rules on how to train a DJ, they will come to associations, groups, and networking conferences to help better educate themselves. This does NOT qualify a DJ’s talent, but does show there willingness to grow and progress. Look on their websites for some of these: The American Disc Jockey Association (, Global Mobile Entertainers Association (, and any local business groups are also great like the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and Vendor Associations (
  •  FULL TIME vs PART-TIME:  Honestly, either one can be a winner, but a full time DJ will be able to concentrate and focus more of their time on your important day. There are meetings, venue visits, music collecting, coordination duties, and the list goes on. You need a DJ with 100% of their time devoted to your wedding. Again, part time DJ’s can be great at balancing there day jobs, but you need to find that out through contacting their past clients for a referral.
  • MUSIC/EQUIPMENT: Professional DJ’s carry professional gear. DJ’s who buy their sound equipment at Radio Shack, Best Buy, or home audio store are not professionals! Look for brand names such as Denon, Peavey, JBL, Rane, & Pioneer. When it comes to music, DJ’s should be fluent in the basics: Oldies, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Current Top 40, and have a decent collection of Merengue, Salsa, & Ceremonial Music. Some DJ’s offer their collections to be viewed on line, while others like me show you the source of where I obtain my music from (,, 

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Dance TV: Dancing With the Stars - Season Premiere!

Dancing with the Stars, which returns with a three-night premiere event, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. Each week, all new surprises and twists await viewers.It's the largest cast ever, including two Olympic Gold medalists, a Grammy®-winning singer, a television legend, an Oscar® winner, and a Super Bowl champion. Additionally, all four professional dancers who've previously tasted the thrill of victory return to compete against one another for bragging rights. Can one of them reclaim the mirror ball trophy?


Date Night: Local ballroom dance competition and show

Event: DC Dance Challenge
Dates: Sunday, Sept 28, 2008
Location: Glen Echo Ballroom
Price: $10 Sunday afternoon comp, $25 Sunday evening competition, $40 Sunday night "Dance with the Starz" Show and American Dance Montage Special performance.
Contact: 703-980-0428
Attire: business casual during the day, cocktail attire in the evening


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Nesting Newlyweds: Job Rates Strongly Affect the Housing Market
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Jobs, job growth, and unemployment rates will help you determine the health of the are the leading
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