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“We turned our dance lessons into a dinner and dancing date! It became a welcomed weekly escape from our hectic wedding planning." Cindy Rich, Newlywed and Assistant Editor of Washingtonian Magazine”
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  • FAQ Page Answers to the most frequently asked questions by those inquiring about our services. We try to anticipate most of your questions to save you time and streamline the reservations process. Feel free to call our Customer Service line if your questions are not answered on this page or elsewhere on the website.
  • In The Press Why talk about ourselves when TV, radio, newspapers and The Washingtonian are doing it for us!
  • Success Stories If you don't look good, we don't look good. Look how good our wedding couples make us look! View photos of satisfied clients and their testimonials.
  • Online Magazine Wedding Dance 411 Our FREE online magazine full of useful articles to plan your wedding, save money, dance and romance, free professional advice from experts in the field of wedding planning, marriage and building a life together.
  • Products Check out our instructional videos, wedding dance shoes, dance-related bridal shower gifts
  • Special Event and Youth Services - We perform exhibitions and offer group lessons in the metro area for private parties and formal galas. We also teach children 4yrs and up.
  • Wedding Links Page Pre-qualified, pre-screened top rate wedding vendors we highly recommend. The President of The Wedding Dance Specialists has sampled their services or products personally.
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  • Your Wedding Dance
    • First Dance Tips - Most useful dancing technique tips for a head-start on your private lessons and curriculum reinforcement.
    • Dance Descriptions A summary of each dance style we teach and its corresponding music.
    • Song Suggestion List Pre-screened wedding appropriate songs, audio clips with purchase links.
    • Honors Dance Recommended songs with audio clips, video of a Daddy/Daughter waltz.
    • Wedding Day Timeline Free wedding planning advice! We provide a suggested order of events for incorporating all aspects of dancing into the wedding day schedule. Tested personally by the President of The Wedding Dance Specialists and many pleased brides on their wedding day!
  • Packages Discounted wedding packages tailored to the budgetary and scheduling concerns of wedding couples. The packages are geared toward accomplishing their unique and specific goals.
  • Locations (All locations summary) - View photos of our instructors and find out when locations are available.
  • Contact Us Our Wedding dance helpline and email is provided where you can speak personally to the President of The Wedding Dance Specialists. Forms are provided to request further information or to register for classes and reserve appointments.

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