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" We turned our dance lessons into a dinner and dancing date! It became a welcomed weekly escape from our hectic wedding planning." Cindy Rich, Newlywed and Assistant Editor of Washingtonian Magazine "

Deborah Joy

As newlyweds ourselves, my husband Brian and I founded the first wedding dance specialty company in the DC metro area because we believe wedding couples need customized service. We believe that dance adds romance to a wedding and learning how to dance should be fun and easy. We understand that wedding couples have a limited amount of time in which to learn a dance that will be performed in front of their guests. We GUARANTEE you will look more comfortable and feel more elegant even in ONE lesson than if you just try to "wing it!"




I have taught wedding couples for the past 19 years. I realize the primary goal of wedding couples is to "survive" The First Dance in public and have fun dancing in each other's arms. Often Grooms are reluctant to dance in public if they don't know how. The Groom has unique responsibilities as the Leader on the dance floor and it is my job to empower him with the skills to make his dancing debut a positive experience. I love the creative aspects of choreographing a unique dance tailored to the particular tastes of each couple. I especially enjoy the rewards of seeing a couple feel confident and excited about dancing in front of their guests at their wedding reception. I believe that dancing together symbolizes the 50/50 partnership entered into by the couple. The process of learning something new and dancing well together are both examples of cooperation and unity.

"We really enjoyed working with Jim on our wedding dance. He is very creative with choreography, very patient, and has a good sense of humor. He had a good sense of when a piece of the dance felt uncomfortable for us. Having a male instructor really helped my fiance to envision how he wanted to look dancing with me and then imitate him." -- Debra Williams and Tim Cannon



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