Dancing and Romancing!

During the hectic months of planning your wedding, some of the most fun you can have is when you take time out to be with each other and learn a new skill.  Many of our students turn their weekly dance lessons into a dinner date.  What’s better than dinner and dancing, after all?

Learning to dance for your wedding is important but also useful! It is a skill you can keep and use after the wedding! The cake is done once everyone has their piece.  However, you can use your new skills in creative ways and unusual places to enjoy the spice of life and keep the honeymoon alive! Opportunities to dance will present themselves, when they do – live in the moment! If there is room and there is music, there can be dancing!

You can use your dancing while listening to a live band, attending a casual or formal social event, at a dance studio practice party, on cruises, in bars and nightclubs, at dance competitions, outside among nature or even in your own living room! If you are really in a spontaneous mood, you can even use dancing to kill time in a crowded parking lot after a show by blasting your car stereo with your favorite music and dancing until the traffic eases. Dancing is not just a skill but a lifelong opportunity to turn a mundane or even aggravating situation into a magical moment!

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