Is a Dance “Crash Course” Worth it?

People often ask us:

Is it worthwhile to take a “crash course” of just a couple lessons if we’ve procrastinated?


We are the only dance company that GUARANTEES a wedding dance in one lesson! Just be sure to let us know you only plan to take one in advance and limit the attendance to one couple and one dance style.

We do our best to accommodate last minute requests and believe that even ONE lesson is better than resorting to the “high school prom sway.” We will focus exclusively on your wedding dance, give you a lovely entrance, help you move as a team around the room and a lovely finale and exit off the floor. These are the three components that your guests will remember most.

All components of the dance are uniquely customized to your song and your personal style. We also provide an optional complimentary crinoline dress rehearsal and in-class videotaping for you to evaluate the final product.

Testimonial: “Our appointment with Jim went great…we just met with him once to get some ideas to incorporate into our song. He gave us many good tips and it was amazing how much he was able to fit into an hour!” Thanks, Debbie Vanetti and Mike Platz, July 2005

See more testimonials:  The Wedding Dance Specialists success stories.

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