Partner Dancing Enhances Relationships

According to statistics, 40-50% of American marriages will end in divorce. So how can couples stay connected? How can they keep the honeymoon alive? Teach them to dance!
People often ask dance instructors, “How do you get a couple to communicate and cooperate?” The answer lies in the beauty of the act of dancing itself. No words are allowed!

In addition to couple’s talk therapy and pre-marital counseling from clergy, an activity such as partner dancing can bring peace and harmony and even romance to the most challenging couples and tackle problems before they start by helping couples work as a team through nonverbal communication training. The skills learned in partner dancing are powerful tools for enhancing patience, teamwork, trust, respect and cooperation – – all the same assets that contribute toward a happy marriage!

It’s important to recognize that in marriage sometimes the wife leads and sometimes the husband leads. The dance floor is more black and white. The man always leads and the woman always follows but the man is elected the President of the Dance. He is not the dictator and the woman has to learn to relinquish control and relax in order to look elegant and have fun. No words are necessary yet two souls are conversing.

Medical studies confirm ballroom dancing keeps the elderly fit, alert and happy. Our company, The Wedding Dance Specialists is one of the original trailblazers in getting couples started in this healthy habit when they are young. TWDS is the largest and most recommended of its kind in the nation. We have enhanced the relationships of thousands of couples with dance and romance. We look forward to hearing from you!

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