Partner Dancing Enhances Relationships

According to statistics, 40-50% of American marriages will end in divorce. So how can couples stay connected? How can they keep the honeymoon alive? Teach them to dance!
People often ask dance instructors, “How do you get a couple to communicate and cooperate?” The answer lies in the beauty of the act of dancing itself. No words are allowed!

In addition to couple’s talk therapy and pre-marital counseling from clergy, an activity such as partner dancing can bring peace and harmony and even romance to the most challenging couples and tackle problems before they start by helping couples work as a team through nonverbal communication training. The skills learned in partner dancing are powerful tools for enhancing patience, teamwork, trust, respect and cooperation – – all the same assets that contribute toward a happy marriage!

It’s important to recognize that in marriage sometimes the wife leads and sometimes the husband leads. The dance floor is more black and white. The man always leads and the woman always follows but the man is elected the President of the Dance. He is not the dictator and the woman has to learn to relinquish control and relax in order to look elegant and have fun. No words are necessary yet two souls are conversing.

Medical studies confirm ballroom dancing keeps the elderly fit, alert and happy. Our company, The Wedding Dance Specialists is one of the original trailblazers in getting couples started in this healthy habit when they are young. TWDS is the largest and most recommended of its kind in the nation. We have enhanced the relationships of thousands of couples with dance and romance. We look forward to hearing from you!

Recent Wedding Dance Posts

The First Dance Lesson : Groom’s Perspective

Lesson number 1 was much better than i anticipated. Our instructor Deborah Joy, from The Wedding Dance Specialist was great. She explained the basic fundamentals in a way that made it easy for someone as novice as me to understand quickly. Deborah explained how...

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The First Dance Lesson: Bride’s Perspective

Amy Jean and Larry Fry had their first lesson last week and here is Amy Jean's Feedback: Sadly, I have to admit... the dance lesson was much harder than I anticipated. I have no training in dance. But i love to go "dancing". Whether this hurts me or not, i still found...

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Questionable Lyrics for Daddy/Daughter Song

A bride recently posted a question on Wedding Wire about choosing an appropriate song for her Honors Dance with her Father. Joy L. asks: I probably don't really need to worry about this, but I need some reassurance that my choice of song for this dance is appropriate....

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Dance Tip: The Warm Up Dance

Regardless of how prepared you are, we always recommend a warm-up dance on the big day. The best way to calm pre-dance jitters is to review the entire dance once, in your wedding finery. This five-minute exercise gets you mentally focused in the “dance zone” amidst...

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Dance Tip: Audience Orientation

Wouldn’t it look a bit awkward if you attended a show where the performers bowed to the set backdrop instead of the audience? To ensure that you are facing the audience at the end of your dance, give yourself some prep time. Figure out the total amount of time it...

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Dance Tip: Dancing in the Wedding Gown

The Bride should check to see if she can step backwards in her dress without stepping on the hem. If it pools at your feet, your new husband and your guests may step on it while dancing with you or hugging you. During your dress fitting, take a couple of large steps...

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Dance Tip: Dancing With The Bouquet

Despite the images in magazines of a wedding couple dancing together with a bouquet in the bride's hand, don't do it! These models are not really dancing. They are staged poses. The first dance is a moment dedicated to showing the wedding couple moving together as...

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Dance Tip: Our Roles in Partnership

The Groom, The Leader Gentlemen, you are in control on the dance floor! You are like the President, the pilot, the one with the power and responsibility to guide your partner through the dance. Your job is to initiate and anticipate everything and warn your partner of...

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Choosing A Song for your First Dance Debut

Pick a song that is meaningful to both of you. Did you share a romantic moment to a special song? What love song was playing in the background on your first date? What song brings tears to your eyes or gives you butterflies? What song inspires thoughts of the one you...

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